The Lost Book Of Remedies™ Review :
Is Claude Davis’ Program Worth Buying?

Would you like to use traditional medicines for the treatment of common ailments like cold, skin infections, burns, scalds, ulcers, and headaches among other things? I know most people would like to, but the problem is a lack of knowledge of the plants that have medicinal value.

In truth, it’s not easy to identify a medicinal plant by just looking at it. To make matters worse, this information isn’t out there in the public domain. Therefore, much as you would like to use traditional herbs and spices, you must know the plants and herbs that have curative properties.

Claude Davis, a seasoned survival expert, has created a book that details all the plants and herbs in North America that can cure almost all the common diseases that we spend so much on at the hospital or pharmacies. The program is called the Lost Book Of Remedies™ and it claims to list all the plants you need to keep in great shape. But is the Lost Book Of Remedies™ that helpful?

Read this comprehensive Lost Book Of Remedies™ review to learn everything you need to know about it.


What is The Lost Book Of Remedies™?

This is a masterpiece by Claude Davis that contains a compilation of all plants and herbs that can treat the common ailments we suffer from. With this book, you will never waste your money on diseases like ulcers, stomach pains, cramps, burns, headaches, body pains, arthritis, and skin infections just to mention but a few.

The author knows that just mentioning the plant or herb isn’t enough, so he has included clear images of the plants as well, and this is to enable you to easily identify them. The plants are ordinary and you have probably been uprooting them as weeds on your farm. Also, you can easily find them at your local grocery store and plant them in your backyard.

The guide is written simply and concisely. All the technical terms have been simplified because the author intended the book for ordinary people like you and me.


How Does The Lost Book Of Remedies™ Work?

The book doesn’t just teach you about these powerful medicinal plants and herbs. It goes ahead to contain step-by-step guides on how to grow each plant in your garden. The idea is that once you have these plants at your backyard, you should be able to handle common diseases at home without going to see a doctor.

Plus, it contains recipes for each plant remedy so you won’t have any problem preparing the mixture. This is simply the best guide to find a traditional cure.

The author hates modern medicine not just because they are expensive, but also due to the fact that they are made with a lot of chemicals. And I can’t agree more with him. These meds are poisonous and there have been reports in the past of people overdosing on these meds themselves to commit suicide.

It’s also the reason they are always kept away from children. But with traditional medicine, you cannot harm yourself even if you drink 1 liter instead of the recommended one glass. So, while they may have a curative value, they leave a far worse trail of destruction in your body, especially if used for long.


What’s Included in The Lost Book Of Remedies™?

If you want to learn about how to treat yourself and your family using natural plants and herbs, then there is no better program than the Lost Book Of Remedies™.

Here are the highlights of what you will learn :

  Claude Davis teaches you how to prepare medicinal remedies from more than 125 plants. You will find detailed recipes for every plant so you can make the medicines anytime you need it.

  The author also includes clear pictures of each plant to enable you to easily identify them. Also, he shows you where to get these plants and how to grow them in your garden. This way, you will always have cures available to avoid shelling out thousands of dollars on the treatment of you and your family.

  You will also learn to find healthy living tips in this book to help boost your immunity and make your body ready to combat any infections. With a stronger immunity, you will easily ward off any disease.

  Claude Davis also teaches you how to correctly which plant-based cures to the various parts of the body. The author reveals powerful spices that will improve the taste of your food. Finally, you will also learn of effective techniques of detoxifying the body to enable you to lose weight.


Benefits of The Lost Book Of Remedies™

  Empowers You with Critical Information

This program will turn you into a community doctor who can help others to get a reprieve from the common diseases. It teaches you which plants to treat any disease. You can use this knowledge to help people in your neighborhood and even save other people’s lives.

  Much Cheaper

Medical expenses are not cheap. They cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially where hospitalization is concerned. You will easily pay up to a few thousand dollars for just a simple infection. You will have to pay a consultation fee, undergo several different tests, and then pay for the drugs.

But with the Lost Book Of Remedies™, you only need to make a one-time payment and that’s it. Anytime you or a member of your family falls sick, you will just go to your farm and pluck some leaves or roots as directed in the program and make a medicinal concoction.

  Treatment With Zero Side Effects

These medicines are plucked straight from nature and don’t have any chemicals in them. They are safe to use and harmless even if overdosed accidentally. They are not like pharmaceutical drugs.


  They promote natural healing.

  These medications help you fight a wide range of diseases.

  The author includes a watertight money-back guarantee which protects your investment.

  You can get your book instantly and start growing the plants right away without waiting for days for its delivery.



It requires planting the herbs and plants and this can take a few weeks. However, given what you will get, it is well worth the wait.


Who is Claude Davis?

Claude Davis is a survival expert who encourages people to try and live without today’s life’s comforts. He owns the askaprepper.com website where he is constantly teaching people to learn to live as our ancestors lived 200 years ago.

He wrote this book from his grandfather’s journal which detailed plants and herbs that have medicinal value.

His aim is to empower those people who are tired of using the chemically-laden prescription meds with information about traditional healing.


Verdict: Is It Worthy Of Buying?

Given how comprehensive the Lost Book Of Remedies™ is, and the potential to save you thousands of dollars in treatment, it doesn’t require rocket science to make a decision. In short, this is an extremely important book to have on your shelf.

It contains a list of more than 125 herbs and plants with medicinal values. Moreover, it teaches you where to get these plants from and how to grow them right in your backyard. When you or a member of your family falls sick, you will have the cure right in your garden. Additionally, the book also teaches you how to prepare concoctions for every disease.

And since it comes with a solid 60-day money-back guarantee, there is no risk in purchasing it. We recommend it unreservedly.


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